Lettuce lady protest stopped in Jordan


An animal rights activist in ‘salad dressing’ never got to promote her pro-vegetarian message after Jordanian police said the one-woman protest was unauthorised.


Moments after Amina Tariq, a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), arrived in Amman’s Rainbow Street she was escorted to a nearby restaurant, where she changed and was then taken to the police station.

The Jordanian Muslim, whose lettuce leaf gown was attached to a green dress underneath, carried a placard reading, “Let Vegetarianism Grow on You,” as curious people gathered at the scene of her planned protest.

“She failed to obtain permission to demonstrate as required by law,” one policeman told AFP.

Senior PETA campaigner Ashley Fruno said she and Tariq were detained and questioned by police for around three hours.

“We contacted the Jordanian authorities a month ago, and they told us we did not need permission because it’s not an actual protest since there would be one person involved,” Fruno told AFP after the two women were released.

“I have no idea what happened today,” she added.

A PETA statement quoted Tariq as saying before the protest that she sought to ask people “to turn over a new leaf and go vegetarian.”

“With so many delicious alternatives to meat available, it’s easier than ever to enjoy great food without causing animal suffering,” she added.

PETA said that “much of the world’s water supply is quietly being diverted to animal agriculture.”

“Even desert nations in Africa and the Middle East are pouring what little water they have into meat production.

“Each day, animal agriculture consumes a shocking 2.5 trillion litres (550 billion gallons) of water — enough for everyone in the world to take eight showers,” the statement said.

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